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What Is Mediumship?

A sacred triangle of connection between you the Sitter, Spirit, and myself the Medium. For this connection the be “five bars” in strength, everyone needs to be fully present and invested in the process. Your loved ones exist around you all of the time. The “veil” is the human body which prevents us from “seeing” across to Spirit readily. But with practice and honing of one’s skills, it is possible to sense, feel and even “see” Spirit(s), as they exist on a different vibrational frequency. I access this frequency during a reading by shifting my vibration into this “higher frequency setting” to better receive the messages of loved ones across the veil.

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Why Mediumship?

  • A chance to connect with loved ones that have crossed the veil and have a communication with them, for a “visit”.

  • Knowing comfort that your loved ones in Spirit are always around you. They don’t leave to go to another geographic location but exist on a different vibrational frequency that we can access readily through a reading. They know what you are doing, where you are going, and often what you are thinking!

  • An opportunity to get unsaid things communicated for closure and unanswered questions asked.

What is Evidence-Based Mediumship?

  • Providing specific memories, events, objects, personality quirks of the loved one, likes/dislikes/preferences and other specifics that only you the sitter would recognize and could say “ah…yes! that is my loved one who is here, no doubt.”

  • Evidence-based mediumship goes beyond giving simple messages such as “I’m doing well on the other side enjoying so and so…” We want there to be no doubt that it is your specific loved one who is present.


How to Prepare for your Reading:

  1. Determine whom you’d like to invite to come into the reading that has crossed the veil. Invite no more than three Spirits for a reading. Invite them out loud and mentally several days beforehand. Think about them. You can even create an altar in your home in their memory with photographs and things they liked in life such as favorite items. Let them know the day and time and where you will be having your reading. 

  2. Prepare yourself by getting good rest the night before. Avoid alcohol/drugs the night before so you are as clear a channel as you can be for Spirit to work through.

  3. Have an open heart towards this process. This will elevate your vibration and only makes the connection to Spirit easier and stronger! Coming to the reading with openness and few expectations yields the greatest results many clients have found.

  4. Be prepared that sometimes other guardian spirits/ancestors/relatives will visit during your reading. These “bonus visitors” can be wonderful discoveries for clients. You can know you are being watched over by many more loving beings than once believed, and this can be motivating to seek out information on your family history. I had one client who described to me feeling unwanted by her parents. A deceased uncle came into her reading, whom she never met as he died before she was born. This uncle was fiercely protective of her and had some very loving and specifically affirming messages for her to guide her at the time of that reading. This made a profound impact on this young lady’s life to feel that she was loved, even though it was from a relative on the other side, that approved of her and was proud of her and her life choices.

What This is Not

  • Forcing an agenda upon the process with a long list of specific items the loved one must “answer correctly” to “prove” it is really them. This will yield poor results. This will only shut down the connection to Spirit. Information flows from Spirit, the loved one to us; not the other way around. The evidence will come during the course of the reading if we allow it to flow.

  • Challenging the Medium to prove their worth/skill. In other words not fully trusting the process of mediumship enough to warrant being there in the first place. Don’t waste your time, nor mine. Mediumship is a sacred triangle and cannot work without your cooperation, Spirit, and the Medium. If you are not fully on board, it won’t work, doesn’t matter how skilled the Medium is.

  • Entertainment. I see this as a sacred service to those that come to me seeking to connect with their loved ones. Nothing less. I expect the same respect for this service from my clientele. This simply means understanding mediumship is a service that allows connection across the veil to your loved ones. It is a skill that takes years of practice and effort to develop and be proficient at. It is not some frivolous side gig done for my entertainment, nor should it be for yours either.  Profound, life shifting realizations occur during many of these readings. You will get out of your reading what Spirit intends for you to, provided you are fully present with an open heart and mind.

Sessions are 45 Min for $175 

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Feedback Features

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~Wayne Levonitis 

The reading touch my heart and soul. Your abilities are truly appreciated. It was a blessing to have you help me in talking with Christine. This was very healing for me. It's has changed my tears of sorrow into tears of joy and happiness. There was absolute confirmation that Christine was coming through clear as a bell. I would truly recommend to anybody that maybe struggling with grief of loss to contact you. What a blessed gift you have shared with me.  Thank you 

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~Kyle Wilensky

I have had the pleasure of working with Ira for the last two years. They are a gifted channel and medium. On three separate occasions, they have channeled messages for me, most specifically from my deceased brother, Ben. The information shared was spot on with incredible detail on my brother and my past that Ira would have no way of previously knowing. This work has helped me gain clarity on questions I have grappled with since Ben's passing. It has been incredibly healing for me and has provided helpful insight for current issues I am working through.

I would highly recommend working with Ira and will personally continue to do so!

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 ~Kat Bird

5 Star Review for Mediumship, Animal Communication, and Spiritual Works. 

I do not recommend spiritual services lightly or often. But, I have had the honor of working with 

Ira N. Kaufman for years now. This is someone who has gone through all of my channeling trainings: Open Your Channel Online, Retreat, year-long Practice Community, and now Apprenticeship. 

In that time, I have gotten to know someone who is incredibly talented at mediumship and channeling work. I have seen a fierce commitment to ethics, alignment, a lot of further training with other teachers and incredible information and guidance coming through. I have witnessed mediumship readings that have deeply healed others and guidance received from guides that has illuminated paths, even my own. 

I trust Ira. When I was having problems with my cats recently, I was able to receive a full session and the information was spot on. It was in alignment with what I was receiving but it was so much more, so helpful and profound. One of the best parts was getting information on my past life with my cat and my work with both of them in this life. You want this info! I have seen Ira's work in action again and again be very beneficial. I am linking here to the page about mediumship because I feel that this work is really spot on and very helpful. Ira practices evidenced-based mediumship so you know you are getting a real connection. But I would also call on Ira for animal communication and healing and Shamanic work. 

I am honored to have been one light on the path of this incredible healer, medium and channel and I offer my 5 stars here.

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