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Aromatherapy Infusion Sprays

Aromatherapy infusion sprays are all-natural and expertly blended* with high-quality essential oils and Clean Sweep energized water. You can use them safely and naturally to help:

  • balance an animal’s energy

  • calm anxious animals

  • process grief

  • and more.

Infusion sprays are easy to use, spraying a few pumps in the room or around the animal needing it.

For safety, avoid spraying near human or animal eyes.

*Aromatherapy Infusion Sprays are created through my unique three-step process:

1. I select the oils based on research and inspiration from my spirit guides.

2. Using Acutonics tuning forks, I infuse each bottle with specific frequencies/sounds chosen by my spirit guides.

3. I super charge each product by sealing an energetic boost in each bottle with inspired harmonic singing and hovering the tuning forks around the bottle’s energetic field.

Calm & Protect

A calming blend of lavender, geranium, Roman chamomile and lemon essential oils with Clean Sweep water base, Calm & Protect works to deeply calm and prepare the body for a peaceful sleep while protecting your animal’s energy.


Shock & Grief Antidote

When your animal is experiencing shock and grief in the wake of the loss of a loved one, evacuation from home, sudden life changes and other traumatic events, Shock & Grief Antidote can help. Its grounding blend of ylang-ylang, rose, patchouli, neroli, sweet orange, sandalwood and vetiver essential oils mixed with Clean Sweep water base helps shift shock and trauma to calm and ease.

Grounding to Gaia

If your animal is anxious and/or easily distracted, Grounding to Gaia can help him/her to ground and focus. Its blend of bergamot, grapefruit, clary sage, cedarwood and carrot seed essential oils mixed with Clean Sweep water base helps animals pause to breathe and slow down, as well as treat effects of PTSD.

Energy Balancer

Help animals get along better, and clear negative energy or strong odors in a space quickly and easily with Energy Balancer’s wonderful blend of clove, sweet orange, lemon and rosemary essential oils mixed with Clean Sweep water base. Its clearing energies can be used in a variety of settings to promote harmony.

Breathe ease.PNG

Breathe Ease

Reduce symptoms of respiratory infection, coughs, colds, asthma and Bordetella in dogs & cats with the antiviral blend of eucalyptus, rosemary, white camphor, hyssop, ginger, wild marjoram, red thyme and vetiver essential oils mixed with Clean Sweep water base. This amazing blend will get you and your animal breathing easier fast.


Multi Packs are also Available 

Amalias Power Pack.png

$99 ($5+ discount/bottle)

Pick any 4.png

 $88 ($3 discount/bottle)

Pick any 3.png

$69 ($2 discount/bottle)

Pick any 2.png

$48($1 discount/bottle)

Shipping Info

Free Shipping Within the USA

Individual Items 

Shipped in Priority Small Flat Rate Boxes through USPS (1-3 day shipping)

Amalia's Power Pack and Above 

Shipped in Priority Medium Flat Rate Boxes through USPS (1-3 day shipping)


Orders are shipped within 2 business days & packaged in newspaper so as to be more environmentally friendly, absorption for both any leaks and any impact the

package may receive, and to save money on shipping costs. 

If you have any other questions or concerns, please email me at


Vicky P & Maggie

This is the story of a dog named Maggie and the journey she took us on. Maggie is an Italian mastiff that my daughter rescued about a year ago from a shelter. We were told that she had anxiety issues and she was returned by her previous family because she chewed a hole in a bathroom door when her owners left for work. We didn’t know how much of a challenge she would be until we got her home. She ran away the very first night, but we found her and brought her home. She tore the molding off the back door trying to get out, chewed the couch to shreds, and tore the carpet up. Still, we kept her because somehow we knew that there was a good dog within her and we couldn’t and wouldn’t give up on her. That’s when I met Ira. Thank God for Ira! They were able to do a reading for Maggie that helped us figure out just what she needed to from us to help understand her. Ira helped Maggie to find her way back. The first thing that Ira noticed about Maggie was that she had a great deal of tension in her neck. She said that Maggie was “too much in her head” and needed to be more grounded. We were advised to take Maggie out for a daily walk for at least an hour each time. Ira referred to this as “paws on grass””. Ira also said that a dog going for a walk for them was like reading a good book. Every few feet was like turning the page or reading the next chapter. Ira also noticed that Maggie was confused about who her owner actually was. It was suggested that my daughter Emerald take charge and be more responsible when it came to Maggie’s well-being and the care of her. I asked Ira if Maggie was happy and she said no she isn’t. This broke our hearts and we were more determined than ever to make sure that Maggie could be happy. We took Ira’s advice to heart and did everything that was suggested. Emerald took her on hikes in the mountains. Played games with her outside. She spent time socializing Maggie with other dogs. Maggie went to work with Emerald and made many new friends. She made her first new “dog friends” there with Crumbles. She and Crumbles are now very good friends and spend a lot of time together. Now Maggie and my daughter live in their own home and are doing so great! Maggie has no anxiety or destructive behaviors at all. She’s happy and calm and lives a very good life. She and her mommy are best friends. Maggie finally found her forever home. Thank you, Ira for all your help and guidance. Without you, Maggie may not be the happy pup that she is!!

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