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 I am available for over the phone readings and healings. Please view the information below for more details if you and your animal seek extra support at this time. 

Services I Offer

Here are several ways in which we can work together to gain insight and emotional,

physical & spiritual healing for you and your animal companion.



An animal reading empowers you and your animal to thrive, assisting in strengthening the bond you already have by giving you clear and helpful guidance about your animal’s:

  • feelings and current behavior drives

  • soul path and present purpose

  • health and

  • past lives.

You’ll receive practical guidance and loving, kind messages from Spirit to guide you both in your mutual learning on your beautiful journey as human and animal on earth.


Animal Readings can take place in-person, or over the phone.


 30 minutes: $60 | 45 minutes: $90 | 60 minutes: $120​

Animal Readings


Emotional & Physical Healing

A shamanist energy healing, which is non-invasive and takes place in person with your animal, helps restore your animal’s energy balance in the face of life/home changes/stresses, illness, injury, and more. You’ll see positive changes in your animal’s energy level and behavior, and I will work with you, as your animal’s guardian, to help continue these changes with your animal moving forward.

Animal Energy Healing


Ceremony, a part of the Shamanist tradition, can be used to facilitate healing and transitions for your companion animal. The two ceremonies that I offer are:


  • Animal Soul Transition Assistance – To assist your animal’s transition from the physical to spirit world, I offer a ceremony where we utilize energy work, drumming, herbs, essential oils mixed into a spray infusion and blessings on the animal and on you/family members at any time during an animal’s transition.


  • Animal Soul Retrieval – Like a human’s ghost, sometimes an animal’s soul will lose its way and get trapped in a state of limbo after they have passed away. In this two-part ceremony, we utilize herbs and blessings in your home to help the animal’s spirit move to the spirit world and I work away from your home in trance to personally escort his/her soul to the spirit world and close the path to the physical world.




$300 for Ceremony. Travel time not included to be discussed.

Ceremonial Healing


I offer Shamanic Clearing to clear energetic blocks and help you heal. A session with me looks like this:

  1. I will first assess your energetic fields inside and outside, using my hands & my connection to spirit guides to detect areas that need repair.

  2. Next, I communicate these areas needing repair to you, inviting you to ask questions.

  3. I teach you techniques to clear excess energy from your body and energy field.

  4. I then clear and balance your inner energy centers, also known as chakras, to help you physically and emotionally. I remove extra energy or replenish low energy.

  5. Next, with you participating, I use sound healing in the form of bells, tuning forks, humming, chanting, song to fill you with positive energy. I also use breath work and imagery that you connect with and can use later to continue the healing after the session to bring strength into your inner energy centers.

  6. I then repair and seal your aura, or auric field, to seal in the positive energy.

  7. Lastly, I give you simple, easy to follow homework you can do in 15-minute sessions daily to continue self clearing and toning.

Many clients report feeling “lighter, freer, and lifted from a burden” after a session. Often, clients like to return for follow up sessions. They find they are ready to move on to the next lessons and continue building on their journeys to learn more.




30 minute session: $60.00 | 45 minute session: $90.00 | 60 minute session $120.00


thumbnail_Cajon Night2.jpg
Shamanic Healing


Ira, I am very grateful that you came into Ruby’s and my life. When we left you, we stopped off at a store where there where a lot of people. I was hesitant about taking Ruby in only because of previous experiences. She was a completely different “little Ruby”. We were in that store for maybe an hour. She remained calm the entire time, and stayed that way the rest of the evening. She slept more deeply than she has in a long time. She even is still asleep, where she usually is right behind me! We still have a long road ahead of us and that’s o.k., because I know you are right behind us and I know that Ruby and I are finally on the right path. I look forward to meeting with you again.

Cindy Scott & Ruby

Ira is truly blessed and can clearly communicate with animals. They have helped my dog and I both so much with our relationship. Ira can help you if you have any concerns or questions with your animals. I’m sure most pet owners wish they could straight up ask their pets what is wrong or what they could do to help, and Ira can do that for you! When you go to Ira, you will know what they are saying is true, because it will connect with specific things that may be going on in your life right then. You also will know because things may start to change with your relationship between you and your animal. They are amazing! Ira is such a blessing and they are helping this world see the future and how we are meant to be with our animals.


Animal communicator and medium Ira Kaufman gave us a reading about our dog, Benny. I have a new respect for our animal family member and now understand and have compassion instead of annoyance when he freaks out about noise. We got great suggestions on what to do to relieve his stress and what to ask the doctor to look for when we next take him to the vet. We understand him better, and I know he now knows it, too. I highly recommend getting to know your animal family member with a reading from Ira.

Betty, Toni & Benny

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