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About Amalia’s Bridge &
Ira Kaufman


My gifts come through my family line, including from my shamanic ancestor, Amalia, who served as a bridge between

the spirit and physical worlds. I utilize guidance from your animal and your spirit guides, and I work with

healing energies that your animal needs for adjustments.


My training comes from a Master’s degree in Physical Therapy and Dance as well as being a Registered Somatic Movement Therapist, a Shamanist in the Western Tradition, and a Reiki Master healer in the Usui tradition. I’ve worked with clients and patients for 20 years. In my work since 2014, I’ve helped clients and their animals:


  • Receive clarity to resolve behavior issues with animals through simple changes in the environment.

  • New insights into your animal’s feelings to improve your relationship with them.

  • Better comprehend how other humans affect your animal/s wellbeing and how setting simple boundaries can resolve emotional and health issues.

  • Gain awareness about why your animal is bonding to other family members, sometimes more than to you! How you can cultivate a closer bond with your animal and better understand your animal’s purpose in your family.

  • Closure surrounding your animal’s death and clear communication with your animal’s soul on the other side.

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