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Shamanic Healing for People

I offer Shamanic Clearing to clear energetic blocks and help you heal. A session with me looks like this:

  1. I will first assess your energetic fields inside and outside, using my hands & my connection to spirit guides to detect areas that need repair.

  2. Next, I communicate these areas needing repair to you, inviting you to ask questions.

  3. I teach you techniques to clear excess energy from your body and energy field.

  4. I then clear and balance your inner energy centers, also known as chakras, to help you physically and emotionally. I remove extra energy or replenish low energy.

  5. Next, with you participating, I use sound healing in the form of bells, tuning forks, humming, chanting, song to fill you with positive energy. I also use breath work and imagery that you connect with and can use later to continue the healing after the session to bring strength into your inner energy centers.

  6. I then repair and seal your aura, or auric field, to seal in the positive energy.

  7. Lastly, I give you simple, easy to follow homework you can do in 15-minute sessions daily to continue self clearing and toning.

Many clients report feeling “lighter, freer, and lifted from a burden” after a session. Often, clients like to return for follow up sessions. They find they are ready to move on to the next lessons and continue building on their journeys to learn more.




30 minute session: $60.00 | 45 minute session: $90.00 | 60 minute session $120.00


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