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Cindy Scott: "Ruby"-

Ruby is a one-year-old little white poodle/bichon/terrier mix dog, who presented with Cindy, her main Animal Guardian, and her daughter, Jenny. Ruby has severe anxiety and fear around strangers so severe that her veterinarian has medicated her on Prozac with minor improvements. Ruby has been unable to take walks for a long time due to growling and snapping at other dogs and people who would approach. She is unable to be in public spaces without nervous “warning barking”. In her “forever home” with a committed family, she has problems with being picked up at times and continues to show fear/aggression with growling and snapping at her family.  Ruby, underneath all of this, has a very submissive and sweet personality. After a single visit with me working with her family and on Ruby, here is Cindy’s account of her and Ruby’s experience later that day.


“Hi Nina, I wanted to wish you a happy Thanksgiving. I am very grateful that you came into Ruby’s and my life. When we left you yesterday, we stopped off at a store where there where a lot of people. I was hesitant about taking Ruby in only because of previous experiences. She was a completely different “little Ruby”. We were in that store for maybe an hour. She remained calm the entire time, and stayed that way the rest of the evening. She slept more deeply than she has in a long time. She even is still asleep, where she usually is right behind me! We still have a long road ahead of us and that’s o.k., because I know you are right behind us and I know that Ruby and I are finally on the right path. I look forward to meeting with you again.” 

-Sincerely, Cindy.



This is the first time I met a psychic reader for my family dog. I did not know what to expect and no idea how the things would work. It was a beautiful experience, it helped me to understand Utah’s behavior, who is part of our family. I let my sister know about the reading and, now our dog is a happy dog.I also had a reading for our dog who passed away 3 years ago, and we are happy to find out that he is with us and that wherever he is he is happy.



Lady Luna (Ingrid Maria):

Nina Kaufman, Thank you so much for the wonderful reading, that helped me a lot to bond with Sunny and other four-legged friends! I honor you, your soul and the time we met!


 Whitney S:

“There are not words to describe how grateful I am that I ran into Nina! She is truly blessed and can clearly communicate with animals. She has helped my dog and I both so much with our relationship. Nina can help you if you have any concerns or questions with your animals. I’m sure most pet owners wish they could straight up ask their pets what is wrong or what they could do to help, and Nina can do that for you! When you go to Nina you will know what she is saying is true because it will connect with specific things that may be going on in your life right then. You also will know because things may start to change with your relationship between you and your animal. She is amazing! Nina is such a blessing and she is helping this world see the future and how we are meant to be with our animals.” 


Betty Pegues, Psychic Intuitive:

Saturday Toni sat with Animal Communicator and Medium Nina Kaufman to get a read about our dog Benny. They then both shared with me some of what came up in the reading. I was blown away. I share it with you now:

Benny (Telepathically) came to Nina before she met with Toni. She drew a picture of Benny that she showed to me. I instantly said, “Oh my gosh, that’s Benny!” He was taller with a long tail. Other than that it was Benny. Toni told her the breed; Shih Tzu. Nina said, Benny described himself as a “big dog.” He thinks he’s a big dog. I laughed and replied, because Benny thinks he’s a big dog. Whenever he goes to a dog park, he will only go to the big dogs. He does not like the little dogs. Nina says, he told her “I don’t know why they put me in this small body.” That made me laugh as I imagined that would be something Benny would say by the way he acts.

Nina: In his past lives as a dog, he would have a terrible life in the first half of it, moving around and then, in the second half of his life he would find his forever home. Me: Benny was a shelter dog, and need I say on his last leg. We got him just in time. He’s now in his forever home, as he says it.

Nina: He came from a family.

Me: It explains his love of kids. He truly gets fixated on them, especially the babies.

Nina: He said he was once human. He wanted to try it out and hated it and would never do it again. In his human form, he was tortured. They would put him in this dark basement, and he could hear them walking above each time they came for him. He still carries that fear and energy.

Me: Ahh this is why he shakes and is terrified each time he hears walking and movement (in the apartment) above us. Benny is terrified of noise above him. There is no calming him down, especially when the neighbors above us begin to move around. He freaks out and runs off to one of (his) hiding places.

Nina: He says he loves the variety of music played when we leave. Me: It’s good to know he appreciates the music. Each time Toni and I leave Benny alone at home, I play music for him. I alternate between Zen, Smooth Jazz, and Soft Hits.

Nina: He says when we come home, he has to de-stress which is the reason for grabbing the squeaky toys.
Me: I had told Toni, I think Benny uses the squeaky toys to calm himself down. He has 4 squeaky toys around the house. Yet we only see him go for them when we return home. Other than that, and us intentionally throwing them at him, he leaves them alone.

Nina: He says he likes to do what he wants to do. Me: That we know, as with the nickname, “Hard Headed”. We often say Benny is stubborn and hardheaded, because he’s determined to do what he wants to do, especially when we take him out.

Nina: He drinks a lot of water, the next time you take him to a vet, have them check for diabetes. Me: He drinks more water than any dog I’ve known and more than his breed typically drinks.

I have a new respect for our animal family member, and now understand and (have) replaced (my) annoyance with compassion when he freaks out about the noise above us. We got great suggestions on what to do to relieve the stress when we walk in the door, and what to ask the doctor to look for when we next take him to the vet.

We understand him better, and I know he now knows it too. I highly recommend getting to know your animal family member with a reading from Nina. She only needs to know their name, however knowing their age, appearance, and amount of time he or she has been with you a photo or even having the animal present will add to a much deeper connection.

She can also connect with your pet that has crossed over. But she adds, “It’s best if the animal has been on the other side for at least 4 months. The longer on the other side, the better the connection will be.”

This is truly one of the best Animals Readings I ever had with Benny



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