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Health & Personal Wellbeing Resources

Here are some trusted sources for self-exploration and growth.

The Temple of Change & Transformation

Daoism mystical studies, medical qi gong.

The Utah Pride Center

Education, services & events for the health, wellness and success of Utah’s diverse LGBTQ+ community.

Comprehensive Psychological Services

Transcendental meditation, psychiatry services with Dr. Nathan Currier.

Brynne Dippell, PhD

Spiritual counselor, energy healer, divine channel. Works both with people and animals.

Mary Cain

Certified massage therapist, yoga instructor. Balances specific body balancing issues and needs.

Carol Lessinger, GCTP

Certified Feldenkrais practitioner for individuals and groups with 30+ years’ experience and a very wise and patient approach.

Orin and DaBen

Offers one of the most high-quality ways I’ve found to raise your vibrational energetic field with their “Awakening Your Light Body” course.

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