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The Healer's Way Course

(Photo Credit : Marc Toso)

The Healer’s Way course is for empathic healers who want to be empowered, sustainable practitioners for life. If you are a

  • healer

  • Reiki Master

  • body worker

  • life coach

  • naturopath

  • acupuncturist

  • yoga teacher

  • health care provider

this course is for you.

(Photo Credit : Marc Toso)

The Healer’s Way is for you if you:

  • are ready to become the fully empowered healer you know you were born to be

  • want to learn powerful tools and techniques to heal others & yourself

  • are prepared to fully trust yourself as a healer & feel confident in your abilities

  • are here to be of service to others

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The Healer’s Way Includes:

  • Five lesson modules covering powerful tools of wisdom based on ancient traditions to help you channel spirit efficiently & safely, stay grounded and protected and practice what you offer to the community.

  • Five in-person class meetings in the Salt Lake City area to practice skills with fellow healers, ask questions and receive the teachings in-person.

  • An intimate group of fellow healers to grow your community.


Payment in Full: $550

Two payments of $300

(Photo Credit : Marc Toso)

(Photo Credit : Marc Toso)

The Healer’s Way Course is a journey within to invest in your process, find out who you are and better align that with what you offer your clients. Allow me to be your guide and support you to step into your role as the fully empowered healer you are meant to be. If you are ready, follow these steps below:

How To Register


  1. Submit your application by clicking the button below.

  2. Schedule an interview with me.

  3. Submit your payment.

  4. Mark your calendar!

(Photo Credit : Marc Toso)

Erica O’Connor Recommendation for Healer’s Way


I met Ira at a festival, at that time I was a completely open channel... I did not know how to control my energy or even that I should. It wasn't until this beautiful Shamanic Healer asked to spray an Angelic Tonic over my head did I find out... About 45 seconds later I could see the elements sparkling in the air... This potion lifted me right out of my body and into a realm of thought, where I go when I channel. Most of us Channelers don't get to see where we go.... That day they gave me such a gift because I saw the accessibility and the not so distant thought realm where all potentials and probabilities lie. I began to hallucinate.. I could liken it to taking a hit of acid in Las Vegas. The world around me was in sparkling technicolor. In a moment they tried to catch my eyes as I stepped back from their table in awe. They told me I was trippin’... I was enjoying what I was experiencing and also thought I could handle it... A moment or so later they were able to catch my eyes again, and when they said to me I was tripping for the 3rd time, I told them “yes... yes I was”... It was right then and there they started to teach me grounding and how to pull myself out of a place I had no idea I had gone. Ira, Is a very powerful healer. Their intention is abundantly pure. A few weeks later Ira called me and offered The Healer's Way Workshop: Shamanic practices of Grounding, Centering and a deep dive inside the space that is you. They always invited my energy with open arms, they invited me to a clean space in the most beautiful loving way I had ever been received. They hold space and their intention has not wavered. If you're reading this and are interested, I could not urge you more… I would do it again in a heart-beat. I became much more whole after taking this workshop. I learned to understand cosmic energies and earthbound elements/energies. I learned to open and control the reach of my channel. I learned to know my space, I learned boundaries for myself and for those I work with. I am definitely a more confident Psychic Medium. They have added value to my practice by teaching me how to fully be aware of my energy field... what is coming and going. Praise you my friend...without you I would have skipped a step in finding me

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