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Welcome to Amalia’s Bridge

On this site, named in honor of my shamanic ancestor, Amalia, who served as a bridge between the

spirit and physical worlds, you'll find

  • services

  • resources

  • courses and

  • products

to bridge any divides between you and your true gifts or you and your bond with your companion animals.

~Ira Kaufman


 I am available for over the phone readings and healings. Please view the information below for more details if you and your animal seek extra support at this time. 

About Me

I am pleased to share my gifts and skills as an experienced, professional Intuitive Healer, Animal Communicator, and Shamanist in the form of services, classes, and products to help you and your animals. Take a look at what I offer below to see which option will best help your energy, goals and aspirations match what you really, deeply want out of life.


Ira N. Kaufman

What  I Offer

Intuitive Animal Readings & Energy Healing

Gain insights, knowledge and healing for you and your animal companion.


Aromatherapy Infusion Sprays

Naturally help ease animals' anxiety, grief, and more with these expertly blended sprays.

Office Hours

By Appointment Only

Tuesdays: 9am-12pm
Wednesdays: 9am-12pm
Thursdays: 9am-7pm
Saturdays: 10am-7pm
Sundays: 10am-7pm


Testimonial: Bere & Utah

This is the first time I met a psychic reader for my family dog. I did not know what to expect and had no idea how things would work. It was a beautiful experience that helped me to understand Utah’s behavior, who is part of our family. I let my sister know about the reading and, now our dog is a happy dog. I also had a reading for our dog who passed away 3 years ago, and we are happy to find out that he is with us and that wherever he is, he is happy.

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